Super Women

By Nicole Braghin

There is such a thing as a super woman.  I think it describes any working mother.  By working mother, I don’t only mean those who work for a salary; a house wife is also a working mother.  Although it took me having my own house and kids to see how hard my mother truly worked and still works.  So a super woman is any devoted mother.  

Since I am an event planner, producer and designer, I can say with certainty, that it takes someone with an extra type of super to do what we do.  I am not tooting my own horn, but the hours are crazy, some clients are crazy, and at the end, you become a part of every family you work with so you end taking care of how many people?  I’ve lost count! We get so involved emotionally, as if the event is for us, or our children, or our parents.  I think that is what gives us an extra edge, we care for our clients and they become more than just one more.  

When choosing a planner, it is very important that you identify with their personality.  At the end of the day we will share intimate moments, especially in social events.  We see many happy, and at times frustrated tears.  But most of all, in those social events, we enjoy seeing super women.  Mothers who care so much, grandmothers that shaped the other generations sitting around the table, and sometimes, when we are truly lucky great grandmothers as well.

We learn so much from these super women. We listen to their stories; we sometimes see them have the privilege of bringing their dreams to the lives of their children or grandchildren.  And somehow their story becomes part of ours.

Arianna and her Mother.

So thank you to all the super women of the world for making us better, for teaching us, and for sharing a bit of your story in the events we create.

Who is your super woman?

By Nicole Braghin


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