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We absolutely love what we do!  We have combined our experience in design and logistics with our obsession with details, to bring uncompromising quality and magic to every aspect of the events we produce.  We are here to guide you through a worry free and fun journey.

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Nicole dressed in a bright red blouse poses in front of covered green leaves wall.she is Plan design creative director ans managing partner

Nicole Eichenwald Braghin


Brazilian born, Nicole came to Miami when she was 9 years old. She always knew that a desk job was not in her future.  Entertaining and creating parties is in her blood.  In 2005, Nicole founded N events and started designing and producing experiences. With an eye for personalization and details, she thrives in the challenge that every aspect of every event should be unique, and she treats and designs her events as experiences delighting all the senses. From flowers and furniture, to stages and patterns, Nicole is driven by the pressure off always exceeding her client’s expectations.  Also, she has two little girls who always keep her on her toes. Sophia, her eldest, gives the best job description “my mommy makes dreams come true!”

Arianna Grijalba


A true Miami Native raised in Venezuela. Arianna earned an AS in Culinary Arts, a BS in Food Service Management graduating Cum-Laude from Johnson and Wales University and later received a Masters Degree in Event Planning and Protocol from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. Her organizational and logistical skills are unparalleled, as is her knowledge of catering.  Having worked at Event Lab in Dubai and Le Basque, Arianna has been taught that nothing but flawless is good enough.  In 2008 she founded Queen of Hearts Productions, an event planning company for social and corporate events. When N events and Queen of Hearts merged, Ari took over all the logistics operations at Plan Design, where she is now the point person for every project, coordinating all the information and ideas and managing the entire team, making sure no detail ever goes unnoticed.  Most importantly, her joie de vivre fills our events with passion!
Arianna, Plan Design managing partner, holds a heart figure as she poses in front of a wall of green leaves.

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