We create masterpieces where every detailed stroke tells a part of your story...

80’s Birthday Party

This 80’s birthday party was a blast!  She was turning 35 and he was turning 50, together they were in their 80’s!. From rubiks cubes and neon colors to cassettes and boom boxes, we transported the guests back to their youth. The band was amazing and we extended the party by 2 extra hours.Themed parties are the best!

Circus Birthday Party

Come one come all to this over the top circus birthday party.  Enter through a custom ticket booth, red carpet and red drapes into this amazing circus.  Red and white linens with balloons, candies and toys as centerpieces, giant stuffed animals and a custom themed sweet table had kids talking for months.  Entertainers dressed as circus animals and performers brought this spectacle to life!

Purple Shabbat Dinner

An intimate and delicate Shabbat dinner at a private residence.  Custom acrylic boxes were filled with light purple roses, sand and votives creating a soft and cozy atmosphere. Specialty glassware with purple stems and china gave an upscale feel to this stunning dinner.  We used round tables with light purple linens and clear acrylic chairs.

Chic Lemon Birthday Dinner

For this intimate chic lemon birthday dinner at Mr. C hotel, we brought 12 blue ceramic pots with lemon trees into the ballroom. The wood table had a custom acrylic runner with blue and white motif, and white vases were filled with lemons and olive branches. Specialty cutlery, china and lanterns with pillar candles completed the look along with blue velvet gold framed chairs.

Oktoberfest Birthday Party

We transformed a backyard into a full Octoberfest birthday party! A giant custom stage framed by wood barrels and flowers, along with a full sized log cabin pub and mini log houses with flower planters were just some of the incredible details.  5 food trucks were parked around the property and food was passed by waiters on trays with the clients’ face. As guests entered they were given props and dressed in character by entertainers, as the Polka band played traditional polka themes with lasers and fireworks completing this WOW evening.

Tennis Birthday Party

We personalized every detail of this tennis birthday party. Floral arrangements were made with tennis balls and dainty white flowers. A beverage truck was serving specialty limoncello cocktails in personalized cups. The fountain was transformed into a stage for our crooner band. To add to the evening all guests were dressed in vintage tennis outfits that added life to our vintage tennis decor from lounges to vintage rackets and custom pillows.

Pirate Birthday Party

A million treasures made up this pink pirate birthday party. There was a walk in closet filled with full pirate outfits for each child upon arrival.  Mermaids in the pool, and pirates around the house.  Pirate ships in all different sizes were filled with themed sweets and food. The entire house was transformed into a pink pirate wonderland, complete with treats and even a pirate ship floating in the pool

Palm Beach Anniversary

This Palm Beach 50th wedding anniversary party was beyond special. For the main dining room we used the client's original antique silver from the 18th century as bases for our floral decor, which included amazing flowers in every color and fruits making it look like a composition right out of a painting. Baccarat candelabras with tapered candles filled the room with flickering light. A soft band played in the background making it the perfect ambiance for this intimate and romantic evening.

Clouds & Teddy Bears Baby Shower

This clouds & teddy bears baby shower combined blue, white and wood elements to create a cozy environment. Teddy bears holding kites were flying in the clouds over lush gardens of moss and blue and white flowers. The bar shelves had mini bears and assorted Chinese vases, and books in blue and white. A large faux hedge wall with the baby’s name was the perfect backdrop to the party!

Dr. Seuss Surprise 60th Birthday Party

This surprise birthday party was a blast!  We used a caricature artist to create images of the birthday boy to use as centerpieces, for the custom dance floor and all the paper items. We had a salty doughnut wall, marquee lights, self standing images and a watermelon display with client's face carved in.  The band Chicago was flown in to entertain the crowd.

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