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Arabian Nights

This Arabian Nights Bnoi Mitzvah for a twin boy and girl was amazing! Guests entered into a magical journey with Arabian tents and furniture, lamps and hanging paper stars. The custom dance floor had a mosaic print, and the stage was a mini replica of the Taj Majal,with a large LED screen in the center. Outdoors we had an area for the adults with hundreds of hanging stars, and a mirror runner with different color flowers and candles.

Harry Potter Bat Mitzvah

For the Harry Potter themed Bat Mitzvah, we transformed the client’s home into Hogwarts, by using centerpieces with house colors, wood tables and chairs, custom lounge furniture with flip sequin pillows and more.  We built the stage and custom dance floor with vinyl over the pool, with a full size LED backdrop and dj booth for MC Dale and the dancers. Our Honeydukes had themed sweets and candies, a talking sorting hat and the fat lady greeted guests at the door.

Pink and Yellow Twin Bat Mitzvah

For this twin Bat Mitzvah, the cocktail area was floored with faux grass, creating an equestrian vybe with food trucks, custom planters with pink and yellow flowers, jump obstacles, a mechanical bull and tall green hedge walls with horse tack. The reception area had 3ft acrylic yellow and pink letters filled with flowers, custom acrylic tables filled with gel balls, a 25ft acrylic splash with video mapping and waiters in roller blades. Jason Derulo performed on an LED stage with CO2 canons and an LED screen dance floor projected the heart beat of the party!

Neon Bar Mitzvah

This neon Bar Mitzvah at The Temple House used video mapping and neon accents for the decor.  We wanted to use neon cups and shapes together with acrylic glow furniture and a custom logo for the look.  We were very specific with the mapping that we chose , so that it would go with the beat of the music, and work as part of the entertainment. The neon accents and glow furniture were the key to this fun decor.

Soccer Bar Mitzvah

This soccer Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth David made all of Luca’s dreams come true. There was a 18ft soccer ball tower as the focal point with over 600 balls in the center of the soccer ball bar with a customized team logo. Video mapping was used as centerpieces in some tables with soccer images, while other tables had acrylic centerpieces with floating soccer balls with Luca’s logo throughout. For the card table we used game tickets over faux grass to create a stadium feel.

Elegant Bar Mitzvah

This Bar Mitzvah was elegant and masculine with a bit of softness.  We combined Chinese vases with greens and white flowers and leaves.  Custom wood Tefillin boxes were used as bases for centerpieces. Oversized mirror M's were filled with succulents to create statement pieces and we painted giant tropical leaves in blue creating a wow effect.

Colorful Bat Mitzvah

This colorful bat mitzvah mixed flowers and balloons to create a fun and feminine feel.   Tables were upholstered in blue velvet and chairs had fuchsia cushions.  Showers of balloons came out of the walls.  We built the most incredible sweets station on mirror tables with all different color coordinated macaroons, mini cakes, cupcakes and floating flowers.

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