By Nicole Braghin

5 years ago Arianna and I decided to partner up and combine N events with Queen of Hearts Productions in order to grow and offer even more services to our clients.  That is when Plan Design Events was created.

Taking on a partner is a very delicate and difficult decision.  There are many obvious and not so obvious things involved.  It is important to understand what each party is looking for in a partnership and how you will fit together as a seamless puzzle.  In our case, I was looking for someone to share my crazy ideas with as well as I wanted to grow while giving more time to my first job of being a mom, without letting the ball drop at all.  Like in Jerry Maguire I was looking for someone to complete me.  At the same time, I am a little selfish and like to be the one calling the shots on the designs, so I wanted someone that would focus on the other aspects of the business.  Arianna was also looking to expand and she is a neat freak logistics queen and loves to do everything I don’t.

We actually have a God Father, Alejandro Murgueza from Le Basque, who one day planted a little seed and said that Ari and I would make an unstoppable team.  And he said the same to Ari.  He saw that we both had the same crazy attention to detail but in different areas, and that together we would complement each other in every way.  He was right.  We are complete opposites in many different aspects, and our life styles are totally different especially since I have 2 children and Ari is single.  She is super trendy in high heels, I am more classical and wear ballet flats and sneakers.  She is all passion and emotion, I am passion but level headed and calm.  We both love what we do with all our hearts, we both love food, we both love pressure, we both love challenges.  Above all we both understand that especially in the weddings, we are dealing with perhaps the most important day in that couple’s lives, and if we get everything perfect we simply did our jobs, but if there is a tiny detail astray, that is the only thing that will be remembered and we thrive off of that pressure.

From the very beginning, we communicated effortlessly without words.  This is a good sign that your partner gets you.  Having the same values and morals on how to do business and how to treat others, be it vendors, clients or employees is also key.  Having each other’s backs in every situation because you are now family is crucial.  Understanding each other’s limitations, accepting and respecting them is one of the basics, as well as  having the same goals and ambitions, and at the same time, knowing that you would chose the same road to get there.  But for me, the most important thing is feeling 100% comfortable discussing challenges and problems, being comfortable making suggestions on how the other person can grow, knowing that your partner will take that as constructive criticism and an opportunity and not feel put down or threatened, and feeling the same when you are told something you could do differently and better.  

Having a partner is like having a second husband or wife.  It is for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.  You share the good and the bad.  They see you without make up,  they help you up when you are down just as much as they share in your glory. For Arianna and I, it was a match made in heaven!  Either way, we can’t wait for all the spectacular events we will keep creating together.

What experiences can you share that would help or be detrimental to partnerships?  How did you look for your partner?

Arianna and Nicole informal wear
Arianna and Nicole dress-up
By Nicole Braghin


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