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Change Can Be Awesome

By Nicole Braghin

As a creative person, Covid has been especially hard for me, since I love to conceptualize ideas.  We were not able to have clients come to the office, but I wanted to keep them exited about their events.  Especially our  brides who had the most emotional hits.  I did tons of research, and came upon a way to digitalize florals and tabletop quickly and realistically.  

Now, when a client wants flowers, or the see the vision come together, it takes me a couple of minutes to create their centerpiece, bouquet or installation.  I find it super useful for when the client wants to know the difference between using roses or peonies or dahlias.  Now I can show them!  Before we would have to go and get the flowers and make the actual centerpiece, which can be costly and time consuming.  Not to mention, that if the event is in 7 months, the flowers might not be in season and you have to wait to do a proper sample.  Not anymore!!!!  Also, for things like rentals we can actually place the chairs, plates, napkins, anything in the rendering and transport you to your event.  What this time in quarantine has taught us, is to be innovative and inventive, to find ways to keep going and stay excited.

Now everyday is filled with flowers, and I feel like I am at a candy shop filled with different colors and shapes!  Let’s have some fun, call us and we can start designing something spectacular right away!

By Nicole Braghin


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